FLOWCYL Indirect Unvented

Our cylinders are manufactured to the highest quality in our UK factory by the best manufacturing specialists.
Product Range

The Flowcyl sets the standard for unvented cylinders, manufactured to the highest quality in our UK factory by the best manufacturing specialists. We use high quality duplex stainless steel enabling us to provide a 25-year warranty and supplied with market leading components to give you peace of mind for years to come. The Flowcyl provides fast flowing water to all outlets and even in high use situations it is designed to reheat quickly with its superior performance and low heat loss.


  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s backed 25 year cylinder warranty and 2 years parts warranty.
  • Diameter is 545mm from capacities 90L to 300L.
  • Manufactured from high grade Duplex Stainless Steel.
  • Fully insulated with 50mm 100% CFC and HCFC free polyurethane to minimise heat loss.
  • Lightweight construction with high quality and 100% recyclable silver casing.
  • Supplied with high quality unvented components.
  • Supplied with a mechanical cylinder stat for simple electrical installation.
  • All plumbing connections are clearly identified with their description embossed into the cylinder case.
  • 22mm compression connections complete with nuts and olives on the 90ltr-300ltr and 28mm connections on the 400-600ltr.
  • Market leading and highly efficient primary coil which reduces reheat time and saves fuel bills.
  • Long-life 3kW Incoloy immersion heater supplied as standard.
  • Immersion heater upgrades available upon request – i.e. Titanium or 6 K/W.
  • Supplied with all safety controls as required by UK Building Regulations.


DescriptionProduct CodeNominal Capacity (L)Weight (KG) Weight full (KG)Height (mm)Diameter (mm) Coil Rating KWReheat Time (mins)Immersion heater(s)kWh/ 24h (Standing Heat Loss)WATTS (Standing Heat Loss)ERP BAND
90 LFCIND009090 2211270054515.891411.0142B
120 LFCIND01201202514588854517.761711.0644B
150 LFCIND015015028178107554518.252111.2251B
170 LFCIND017017032202120354519.352711.3456B
200 LFCIND020020035235138954519.943111.4460B
250 LFCIND025025041391170154520.683611.7573C
300 LFCIND030030045345192454523.574112.0485C
400 LFCIND040040076476161369027.584522.2092C
500 LFCIND050050092592197569028.495622.42101C
600 L FCIND0600600103703213969029.906822.68112C